The Fort Mose Legacy Today, Fort Mose stands as a monument to those heroes who, once enslaved, courageously and tenaciously claimed their human rights and claimed their freedom.

Their story is important to us—and to the world—because it reframes our understanding of the colonial American experience. The Fort Mose story deepens our understanding of institutional oppression by honoring those who escaped from its grip and valiantly forged a ‘better way’ to live peaceably, in community. The Fort Mose Story describes the true value of freedom.

Now, it’s up to us to preserve the legacy of Fort Mose, and to share this remarkable piece of history. Your generous donation will support preservation, living history and outreach initiatives of the Fort Mose Historical Society. Our projects will include reenactments, public programs, interpretive exhibits and construction of a representation of the 1738 fort, complete with an educational center.

Thank you for your generosity!