Saturday -  Feb 24, 2024
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Fort Mose Event 2

In honor of the important African American heritage of this community, Castillo de San Marcos National Monument will host a special evening event on Saturday, February 24, 2024. This event is made possible through a partnership with the Fort Mose Historical Society and the Florida Park Service.

Volunteers will bring to life the important legacy of Fort Mose as the first legally sanctioned free African settlement in what would become the United States. Follow the dangerous journey of a Freedom Seeker escaping from a life in slavery to a new life of freedom in Spanish Florida. Overhear the conversations of people met along the way – some wanting to help the Freedom Seeker, others hoping to return the slave to owners in the English colonies to the north. Meet Governor Montiano and hear his reasons for establishing this important settlement, and learn how Fort Mose and its militia played a critical role in turning the tide of the 1740 British siege on St. Augustine.

Programs will last about 40 minutes each, departing from the ticket booth at 6:30, 6:45, 7:00, 7:15, 7:30, and 7:45 pm. Nonrefundable tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and will go on sale Monday, Feb. 12 (link to come soon). On the day of the event, tickets will ONLY be available at our Fee Booth. The cost is $15 per adult ages 16 and up, $5 per child ages 6 to 15, and $1 per child 5 and under.

For questions, please call (904) 663-2889.

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