Harvest Time at Fort Mose recreates what an autumn harvest festival would have been like in 18th-century St. Augustine. This annual event is an immersive experience, including volunteers in period dress, a farmers' market, colonial cooking demonstrations, food samples and presentations about the kinds of food eaten among the Spanish, Native Americans, and Africans. It takes place on Saturday, November 1, 2019, at Fort Mose Historic State Park.
There will be stories and activities for the kids, including making pottery, beaded leather jewelry, corn husk dolls and tri-corn hats. Children will also be able to participate in junior militia training with the Fort Mose Militia members.
Reenactments and historical demonstrations will be presented by Florida Living History.

Fort Mose was founded in March, 1738. The new homesteaders were busy during the summer and early fall of that year, building their homes as well as the fort, planting their first crops and tending their livestock. They survived on food rations provided by the governor of the St. Augustine settlement until they were able to harvest their first crops.

Harvest Time at Fort Mose celebrates this first harvest. Guest speakers will talk about the Spanish, African and Native American traditions in food and culture of the time, and there will be demonstrations by Fort Mose militia.