Fundraising Goals

As the park’s CSO, we raise funds to expand and enhance the park’s capacity to tell the story of where the struggle for freedom, justice and equality began for African-Americans. Our plans and funding goals for 2014 – 2015 are:

  • Construct a replica of the 1738 fort’s bastion wall – $100,000
  • Fund the Experience Fort Mose – the Birth Place of Freedom Program Series including the major living history events “Flight to Freedom” (February 12-14, 2015), “Second Annual Commemoration of Fort Mose’s Founding in 1738 and the Black Militia” (March 21, 2015), and “Sixth Annual Commemoration of the Battle of Bloody Mose in 1740” (June 20-21, 2015) – $20,000
  • Purchase of 18th century colonial clothing to outfit ten militia and residents of Fort Mose – $5,000
  • Purchase of seven additional 1728 flint-lock muskets for the first free Black Militia in today’s USA founded in 1683 – $4,900

Raising the $129,900 to accomplish these goals is ambitious. With the generosity and community support for our two annual Fort Mose Golf Tournaments, we raised $10,000 for the bastion wall project, purchased five 1728 flint-lock muskets for $3,100 and financed the highly successful Fifth Annual Commemoration of the Battle of Bloody Mose in June 2014 for $2,000.